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MIDI Encoders and Decoders

Developed jointly by Osney Consulting and Design Tech Systems Inc

A logical and consistent family of products for interfacing organ consoles to virtual organ packages such as Hauptwerk.  The family comprises four encoders, which convert switch and pedal movements into MIDI, and three decoders, which either control lighted pistons and stops or move Stop Action Magnets (SAMs).

All of these boards can be powered from a standard 12v DC supply.  They do not require any configuration files or use of MIDI Sysex commands.  They are configured by jumpers and DIP switches, which are fully explained in the instructions.

Each of the boards can operate independently of the others.  One board is sufficient to get you started: you don't need central CPU boards, nor do you need separate output drivers.  However, these encoders and decoders can work intelligently together, for example to detect the movement of a SAM and cut off current to the magnet.

For an example of how these cards can be used together, take a look at this Compton console conversion. 

Each linked page below shows the number of boards currently in stock. Items in stock can be despatched immediately to European destinations (next day delivery in UK). Items not in stock will need to be ordered from the manufacturer, involving a delay of 2-3 weeks typically.


A very versatile general-purpose MIDI encoder board. One board deals with two 61-note keyboards each with up to 23 pistons. Can be used for pedalboards, stops and expression pedals too.




An alternative MIDI encoder board for users who don't want to solder their own diode matrix. Provides  61 separate note inputs plus 24 pistons plus four expression pedals.. 




A smaller version of the MIPC-1A encoder, designed specifically for midifying pedalboards.  Up to 32 note inputs, and up to four expression pedals.


 PIC-1 Small


Also based on the MIPC-1A encoder. Midifies up to four expression pedals.


 SSC-1 Small


MIDI Encoder for up to 12 lighted pistons




Combined encoder and decoder for up to 48 stop actions




MIDI decoder board providing digital output for 24 lamps or 12 SAM's


 DC-24 small


MIDI decoder board providing digital output for 48 lamps or 24 SAM's


 DC-48 New Small


MIDI decoder board providing digital output for 96 lamps or 48 SAM's


 DC-96 Small

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