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Owing to a large backlog of work, I am not currently taking new orders for keyboard stacks or midified pedalboards. I hope to resume normal operations later in 2022. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. 



Oak pedalboard med

We buy quality used pedalboards and "midify" them so that they can be used with Hauptwerk and similar software. Various sizes and styles of board can be converted, but mostly, the finished products have the following specification:

- 30 or 32 notes, radiating and concave  

- magnet operated reed switches connected to MIDI circuit board

- twin expression pedals (usually Yamaha FC-7)

- 8 toe pistons 

- single connection to computer's USB port, no power supply or MIDI adaptors being necessary

- a generic User Guide is available in the Downloads section



If you already have a pedalboard you would like to use (and provided it is in reasonable mechanical condition) we should be able to midify it for you, fitting expression pedals and toe pistons to suit your requirements. Please contact us.


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