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Ordering of keyboard stacks and midified pedalboards is currently suspended. Please see latest News item. 


Pedalboards are midified to order, and there will be a delay between ordering and receiving.
The table below lists the pedalboards currently available for midification. These will usually be radiating and concave, with either 30 or 32 notes. Occasionally, other types may be available.
Prices are for the default configuration, which is as follows:
Expression pedals: two Yamaha FC/7, centrally positioned
Toe pistons:  eight total, four each side of the expression pedals, based on guitarist foot switches
Output: USB-MIDI, one USB cable for the whole pedalboard
Example of finished pedalboard (30 note) with default configuration:


Oak pedalboard med


For a customised configuration, please enter details under Additional Information when placing an order.
The midification process includes any mechanical work necessary to put the pedalboard in good playing order, including refelting and/or spring adjustment as necessary. It does not normally include any cosmetic work.

For further information on available pedalboards, click on text or image below. Or, if you already have a pedalboard which you would like to be midified, please contact me for a price.


Pedalboard A

 32 Notes

Radiating and concave



Pedalboard B

30 Notes

Radiating and concave




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