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The new MK III Keystation 61 keyboard

(March 13, 2019)
M-Audio have recently released a new MK III version of their Keystation 61 MIDI controller keyboard. This keyboard has been the basis of our "K-series" keyboard stacks since 2011. The previous upgrade from the MK I (known as Keystation 61es) to the MK II took place in 2014, and was mainly cosmetic, so at that time construction of K-series stacks continued more or less unaffected. The new upgrade is a much more drastic redesign which has significantly altered the keyboard's touch. Even its physical dimensions are not quite the same as before. Touch is a very subjective matter, but it seems probable that most organists will find the MK III, with its reduced key travel and slightly lower spring pressure, to be an improvement on the MK II. The touch of the MK III is actually closer to the Behringer UMX610 than to its predecessor.
Although the MK III has presented some problems, particularly in the way the white keys are weighted, it will still be possible to use the Keystation 61 in our keyboard stacks. These new stacks will be modelled on the K-series, look very similar, and provide exactly the same functionality, but because of the changes noted above, and in order to avoid confusion, the new stacks will be referred to as "M-series". Consequently, the K-series stacks will soon be discontinued, and customers will have a choice between either U-series based on the Behringer UMX610, or M-series based on the MK III Keystation 61. In the very short term, it may still be possible to obtain MK II Keystations, so a very few customers may have a three-way choice between U, K or M.
The website will be updated to show these changes in due course. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please get in touch using "Contact Us".

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