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U-Series Keyboard Stacks to Use M-Audio Keystation 61 Mk III

(January 19, 2021)

Since their debut in 2014, our U-series stacks have been built around the Behringer UMX610 keyboard. Sadly, this product was discontinued by Behringer in 2020. A number of possible alternative keyboards were considered, but none was found to be any more suitable than the M-Audio Keystation MKIII which is currently used in our M-series stacks. Going forward, this keyboard will be used in both types of stacks. The U-series will continue to be the "premium" product, owing to its better quality pistons, closer spacing of keyboards. and wider profiled cheeks.

Unlike its predecessor the MkII Keystation 61, the MkIII has a touch which is very similar to that of the Behringer UMX610. It also has the same overall dimensions. This means that no change in the outer dimensions of the keyboard stack will be necessary. The one disadvantage of the Keystation is the unsuitable shape of the white keys, but thanks to our new method of reshaping and reweighting them, this is no longer a problem.

From the user's point of view, the changes in the U-series stacks will hardly be noticeable. The general name "U-series" will therefore continue to be used. Where necessary, a distinction can be made as "type a" or "type b". 

It may be a little while before all pages of this website reflect these changes.

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