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The  DC-24 Driver Card can control up to 24 Lights, or 12 Stop Actions. It ideal for controlling Rocker Tab Lights or Draw Knob with lamps.  DIP settings for MIDI Channel and MIDI Notes from 0 to 128 in groups of 24 notes per group. 
Features Include;

  •  24 Pull to Ground Outputs for Lamps
  • 12 ON/OFF Pair Outputs for Stop Action Control
  • Midi IN and Midi OUT Jacks
  • DIP Switch settings for Midi Channel 9 to 16 and Midi Note Range.
  • No Configuration files to write or program.
  • Compact Size,  5.6" x 2"
  • Power input voltage, 7 to 17 VDC @ 10 ma.
  • Crystal controlled Microprocessor for maximum stability.
  • Cable Connectors Included

Full instructions available in the Downloads section.



Currently in stock

Lamp version: 2

SAM version: 1


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